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Course Registration:
- Each year course Schedules will be posted online

- All applicants admitted for St. Paul Theological Enrichment Program must pay each course registration fee at least one week prior to the start of the course.

- Registration Fee for each course is currently $75 each and to be paid online, see bottom of the page.
Course Requirements:
- Each course is at least nine lecture hours.

- Lectures for the courses will be given in a 2-day (Fri-Sat) setting or over one weekend.

- Students from out of the province can enjoy online learning, actual time online attendance, through Webinar & Video conferencing programs. Please contact for more information.
Grading Systems:
- Attendance, in class participation, oral presentations, book reports, research papers, written exams, take home exams might be used as means of course grading systems.

- Each instructor will outline the grading system requirement (s) in the course Syllabus.

- Attendance of all lectures, submission of reports, passing the exam any other required grading criteria are a must for successful completion of the course.
Please pay online using the button below. Payment should be received at least one week prior to the course starting date.
Course Name
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Course Information:
Course No. Of Courses Course Syllabi Instructor
Introduction to Coptic Studies 1 COPTS 1 Dr. Ramez Boutros, PhD
Old Testament 7 OLDT 1, OLDT 2, OLDT 3, OLDT 4, OLDT 5, OLDT 6, OLDT 7 Fr. Shenouda Maher, PhD
Fr. Daniel Azer, DVM
New Testament Introductory Studies 3 NEWT 1, NEWT 2, NEWT 3 Fr. Luka Wassif, MD
Fr Angelos Saad, MD
Church History 2 CHIST 1, CHIST 2 H.G. Bishop Serapion
Dn Severus Mikhail, PhD
Pastoral Theology 2 PTHEO 1, PTHEO 2 Fr. Mikhail Edward, D.Min.
Fr. Boutros Philopos & Fr. Pishoy Wasfy, PhD
Ritual theology 2 RTHEO 1, RTHEO 2 Fr. Shenouda Maher, PhD
Dr Rafaat Moussa, PhD
Dogmatic Theology 2 DTHEO 1, DTHEO 2 Fr. Jacob Nadian, PhD
Comparative Theology 2 CTHEO 1, CTHEO 2 Fr. Daniel Azer, DVM
Dr. Nashed Youssef, PhD
Theology of Mission 1 MTHEO 1 Fr. Jacob Nadian, PhD
Introduction to Coptic Language 1 COPTL 1 Fr. Kyrillos Makar, PhD
Introduction to Church Hymns 1 HYMN 1 Cantor Ibrahim Ayad
Mr. Emile Tadros / Cantor Tharwat
Christian Counselling 3 CCOUN 1, CCOUN 2, CCOUN 3 Dr. Nabil Baky Soliman, MD, PhD
Fr. Boutros Philopos & Fr. Pishoy Wasfy, PhD
Spiritual Leadership & Church Admin 2 CADMIN 1, CADMIN 2 Dr. Amir Gabriel, PhD
Patristic 4 PATR 1, PATR 2, PATR 3, PATR 4 Fr. Daniel Azer, DVM
Dr Joseph Moris Faltas, PhD
Church Canons 2 CLAW 1. CLAW 2 Fr. Jacob Nadian, PhD
Fr. Moses Samaan
NT Greek Language 1 NTGRK 1 Dr Joseph Moris Faltas, PhD
Apologetics 2 APO I, APO II George Basilios
Methodology and Resources for Theological Studies 1 MTHR I Dr. Wagih Ghobriel , PhD

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