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Diploma/Certificate program with Trinity Collage - University of Toronto
Great News for all those who seek further knowledge and accredited courses; they can now earn Diploma/Certificate in Orthodox and Coptic Christian Studies in conjunction with Trinity College, Faculty of Divinity, Orthodox School of Theology, University of Toronto.

Two Certificates are offered depending on the number of audited courses completed:

+ Certificate (5 accredited courses from SPTS)
+ Honours Certificate (Five accredited courses from SPTS and Five from Trinity College)

A Diploma is awarded if all 10 courses are completed for credit. Taking courses for credit requires a formal admission to Trinity College for either the Master of Theological Studies or Master of Divinity degree program. The Divinity Office can help with all the necessary application paperwork.

Enrolled students will be able to transfer all of these courses towards Master of Divinity (MDiv) or Master of Theological Studies (MTS) in the Orthodox School of Theology - Trinity College.

Accredited SPTS courses will be offered in the Canadian Coptic Center. Normally, courses meet once a week for three hours for the duration of any of the two main terms, Fall Term (September-December) and Winter Term (January-April), with a break for the Christmas vacation. Regular attendance is expected. There is also an optional summer session (May and June) in which some courses might be offered

Admission Process:
In order to be admitted and participate in St. Paul Theological Diploma/Certificate Program, the following items must be submitted:

1. A complete application form with Trinity College, Faculty of Divinity, Orthodox School of Theology, University of Toronto. Basically two forms:
a. Toronto School Of Theology Student Information Form
b. Trinity College - Faculty of Divinity Application for Admission as a Basic degree Student.
For more information, see the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College website: or contact Sydney Yeung at the Divinity Office, Trinity College Phone: 416-978-2133 email:

2. Once you get the University of Toronto Student Accounts Invoice, showing your Trinity Student # please mail a copy to All course fees to be paid to the University of Toronto.

3. A complete St Paul TS Student Record form. To submit this form online, please click here.
Admission Confirmation:
Once the application is evaluated and accepted, applicants will receive an email message confirming their admission acceptance.
Registration for any of the following term courses is done through Trinity College, Faculty of Divinity, Orthodox School of Theology, University of Toronto. Please also follow step 2 and 3 from the process above to complete the admission process and receive the St Paul TS Confirmation E mail.
Course Information:
Upcoming Courses for Fall Term 2019 (September to December)
Orthodox Understanding of the Old Testament and Contemporary Orthodox Exegesis (TRH2459) - Prof Richard Schneider and Fr Geoffrey Ready - Wednesdays, 7pm to 9.30pm
Also offered online

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