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St. Paul Theological Seminary (SPTS) Ontario, Canada

St. Paul Theological Seminary is a Coptic Orthodox Seminary affiliated with the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria. Under the auspices of H.H. Pope Tawadros II, the chief executive officer of the seminaries and theological institutes and H.G. Bishop Mina - Bishop of the Diocese of Mississauga, Vancouver and Western Canada, the Honorary chairman of the seminary and Fr. Angelos Saad – Director of Student Spiritual Affairs and Fr. Makari Youssef – Director of Administration.  SPTS is considered an extension of the Catechetical School of Alexandria which was founded by St Mark the Apostle in the first century.

The Coptic Orthodox Churches of Southwestern Ontario identified a great need to enhance the foundation of her children's spiritual life and understanding of the Orthodox dogma. As many search for the truth, it is important for Coptic Orthodox Christians to "Always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear" (1 Peter 3:15).

During the 2006 North American Annual Coptic Clergy Seminar in Boston, MA USA, the subject of inaugurating a Coptic Seminary in Canada was addressed with H.H. the Late Pope Shenouda III and received His Holiness' blessings and support. The Seminary started as a theological enrichment program in October 2006. SPTS offered a three-year certificate program that covered in depth learning through a set of 24 courses, with each being 9 lecture hours.  Starting the academic year 2023 - 2024 SPTS started offering a Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S) consisting of 36 courses, with each being 15 hours-lecture in a four-year Master’s program.

The 15 hours-lecture courses are offered primarily in English, with a similar set offered in Arabic. Courses are usually completed within a month.  Courses could be attended as an individual courses or as a part of the one year-diploma or a four year MTS Degree.


We are now in the process of negotiating a collaboration with University of Toronto, the Faculty of Divinity – The Orthodox School of Theology - Trinity College, to accredit and/ or transfer some of our SPTS courses to their master’s Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates. Some Course instructors as well as their course Syllabi are being prepared to start there accreditation.

Courses are currently offered in person and online at the Church of St. Philopateer and St. Anthony (6460 Millcreek Dr, Mississauga, ON L5N 2V6) until the construction of the new St Athanasius Building in the Church of the Virgin Mary and St Athanasius (1245 Eglinton Avenue West, Mississauga ON L5V 2M4) is completed, where the home of SPTS will be.

Pope Tawadros II
Anba Mina

St. Athanasius Centre (under construction) - The New Home for SPTS

New St. Athanasius building
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