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The M.T.S. is a 36 course program designed to accommodate full-time or part-time enrollment. The average time for completion is four years but it can be completed in a shorter period as SPTS gradually offers more asynchronous online learning. Students have a maximum of seven years to complete their degree.

Program Structure


(1) Introduction to the Old Testament - Mandatory

(2) Introduction to the New Testament - Mandatory

(3) Old Testament:

  1. Pentateuch

  2. Historical Books

  3. Poetic Books

  4. Greek books of the Old Testament (deuterocanonical)

  5. The Prophetic Books

(4) New Testament:

  1. Synoptics Gospels

  2. The Gospel of St. John and Acts

  3. The Pauline Epistles 1

  4. The Pauline Epistles 2

  5. The Catholic Epistles and Revelation

Number of Courses


Select 3 out of 5

Select 3 out of 5

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