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Admission Requirements & Process

For Single Course admission: Please follow step 1 only


A complete application form.


A personal statement up to 200 words outlining any services you are currently performing in your church and your reasons for wanting to attend the Theological enrichment Program, to be emailed directly to


A recommendation letter form should be filled by your Father of Confession confidentially.


A copy of the highest degree attained but not less than a college degree, to be emailed directly to

Submission of Application

Digital Copy

Personal statement, recommendation letter, and a copy of the highest degree can be submitted by email to:


Confirmation & Fees

Admission Confirmation: Once the application is evaluated and accepted, applicants will receive an email message confirming their admission acceptance and can then register for any upcoming courses

Program Fees:

  • Initial registration fee: $75 one time fee

  • Tuition per course: $75 for each course

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