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his grace anba philopateer

H.G. Anba Philopateer

Canon Law

Fr. Gregorios Awad.jpg

Fr. Gregorios Awad

Professor of Theology

Fr Benjamin El-Muharraqi

Fr. Beniamin Almoharraqe, Phd

Theology & Patrology

Fr. Shenouda Maher

Fr. Shenouda Maher, PhD

Theology & Old Testament

Fr Pishoy Wasfy

Fr. Pishoy Wasfy, PhD

Counseling & Pastoral Care

George Bassilios

George Bassilios


Fr Daniel Azer

Fr. Daniel Azer, DVM

Old Testament

Dn Antonious The Shenodian

Deacon Anotnios the Shenoudian, PhD

Dogmatic Theology

Nashed Youssef

Dr. Nashed Youssef, PhD

World Relgions

fr Victor Shahat updated_edited

Fr. Victor Shahat, PhD

Liturgical Studies

Dr. Ramez Boutros Bishara

Dr. Ramez Bishara, PhD

History & Coptic Language

Dr. Wagih Ghobriel

Dr. Wagih Ghobriel

Methodology and Resources

Fr. Angelos Bishara

Fr. Angelos Bishara, MD

New Testament

Fr. Ibrahim Azer

Fr. Ibrahim Azer


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