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his grace anba philopateer

H.G. Anba Philopateer

Canon Law

Fr. Shenouda Maher

Fr. Shenouda Maher, PhD

Theology & Old Testament

Fr Benjamin El-Muharraqi

Fr. Beniamin Almoharraqe, Phd

Theology & Old Testament

Fr Pishoy Wasfy

Fr. Pishoy Wasfy, PhD

Counseling & Pastoral Care

George Bassilios

George Bassilios


Fr Daniel Azer

Fr. Daniel Azer, DVM

Patristics & New Testament

Dn Antonious The Shenodian

Deacon Anotnios the Shenoudian, PhD

Dogmatic Theology

Nashed Youssef

Dr. Nashed Youssef, PhD

World Relgiions

fr Victor Shahat updated_edited

Fr. Victor Shahat, PhD

Liturgical Studies

Dr. Ramez Boutros Bishara

Dr. Ramez Bishara, PhD

History & Coptic Language

Dr. Wagih Ghobriel

Dr. Wagih Ghobriel

Methodology and Resources

Fr. Angelos Bishara

Fr. Angelos Bishara, MD

New Testament

Fr. Ibrahim Azer

Fr. Ibrahim Azer


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