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SPTS Programs

  • Duration to complete each degree are dependent on the degree. Normally, it is one year for a Diploma and four years for the MTS.

  • Each year consists of two semesters, Fall (Sept - Dec) and Winter/Spring (Jan - June). Typically, 12 courses will be offered each year.

  • Most of the courses are offered through 10 lectures of 1.5 hours in a 2-week period with all assignments to be completed within one month.

  • Courses are currently offered in person and in a synchronous online learning and will gradually be offered in asynchronous online learning.

Individual Course

Applicants interested in participating in a course without registering for any degree must complete step 1 found on the admission page by the application deadline to participate in a course and pay the course tuition fees found on the courses page. Auditors must be 18 years or older to audit any regular course and will have access to all course content and can choose to participate in the course assignments or just attend and listen to the lectures. An appropriate course certificate will be awarded.

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